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Risqué Lashes in style Rebel a lash with a hint of color at the end of each lash


Basic Key Points


  • USES: Up to 25 wears
  • MATERIAL: Faux Mink
  • EFFECT: Wispy, Full-Body
  • VOLUME: Fanned Out
  • SHAPE: Great level of customization


Features & Details



  • Soft and lightweight thin cotton band are very comfortable to wear, it can be used more than 25 times with proper care.
  • Each pair of eyelashes is a unique and eye-catching style for your most special events can be matched with any makeup, for daily wear, party, festival! Suitable for shopping, travel or other occasions.
  • Flared shape to elongate and create a cat-eye effect, flattering on all eye shapes


How to properly put on eyelashes


1. Remove the eyelashes with eyelash applicator, from the plastic tray

*Eyelash Applicator FREE WITH PURCHASE*


2. Compare false eyelashes with your eye length and then trim to suitable length and width.


3. Add glue along the false eyelashes or use glue ring to properly add glue slowly into lash band.



4. Hold the eyelashes start applying middle to end, then inner corner follow your natural lash line, with gentle pressure glue follow natural lash line. Eyelash applicator can be helpful.

*Eyelash Applicator FREE WITH PURCHASE*


5. You also can apply black eye shadow or eyeliner to make your eye line look more shiny, luxury or natural. Optional! 




We did not harm animals, and resolutely resist this behavior. The material of the eyelashes is imported high-grade fiber, which is as soft as natural eyelashes.


Our eyelashes are made of high-quality advanced fiber materials, not animal hair, but they have the same soft and natural characteristics. We did not harm animals, and we firmly resist this behavior.




As always be FABULASH at a glance, lash it babe!


If you have any question or suggestion, kindly contact us and we are always here to provide 100% service!!


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